Éclipse#1-170821-Idaho Falls, 2017 - Silver print 125x155 cm

Our civilizations were born under the stars and, since prehistoric times, human activity has been regulated by the movement of celestial bodies. Observing the sky has always been a source of inspiration for human kind, giving us the opportunity to elaborate fundamental rules but also to correlate thought and imagination.


As a combination of my interest in poetry and science, ​«​Imprint(s)​«​ is both a study of simple forms and a captation of the celestial light, through experimentation and interpretation. The use of a large format camera (with poses that can expand to several hours), far from the speed at which we are used to producing, aims at modifying our vision of the world by revealing phenomena sometimes invisible to the very eye.


Marked on its surface by the light, the photographic emulsion provides an image deluding our beliefs and representations of reality, which then goes from the immaterial to a tangible and physical proof. With no scale to refer to, our gaze gets lost in those spaces freed from the superfluous. Time is suspended in reverie, leaving reflection floating in front of  an impalpable and abstract universe.


Sun’s path, moon’s race, eclipses: in long pose or sequentially, the images are the result of meticulous observations of the sky.

Trying to push the viewer into developing his or her inquisitiveness for the immensity of our universe, the images respond to a desire to account for the dynamics of the stars and offer us a poetic idea of time.

Sun-180226-Angles sur l'Anglin, 2018

Emersion-170821-Idaho Falls, 2017

Sun and Moon-180701-Paris, 2018

Sun-solstice-180621-Paris, 2018